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Won't anyone take an interest?

I live in a block of flats, and for my sins I am a director of the management company. We have just had our AGM. It makes me feel sorry for polititions realy.

There are basicly three sorts of people that we have to deal with:

  • Spenders: Thoes that want to have the best flats going and will pay.
  • Savers: Thoes that are prepared to put up with things and don't want to pay anything.
  • Don't Cares: The the final group (probably the worst) is thoes that just don't give a monkies.

It must be fairly similar when trying to run a council or even the whole country. Trying to find a balange between the Spenders and Savers is hard enough, but protecting them from the problems caused by the Don't Cares just impossible.

In the end you just end up doing your own thing, 'cos you know that you won't please even the majority of people.


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