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CDO Contact Me

After much fiddling around and a lot of guesswork at my Web Host's email settings I have added a Contact me page to the site.

It uses the following simple bit of code:

dim m_strError
dim m_strSuccess

call main()

private sub main()
   if IsValid() then
      call SendEmail()
   end if
end sub

private function IsValid()
   Dim bReturn
   bReturn = true
   if Request("Postback") = "True" then
      if Request("Subject") = "" then
         bReturn = false
         m_strError = "You have not give your message a subject"
      end if
      if Request("Body") = "" then
         bReturn = false
         m_strError = "You have not entered your message"
      end if
      bReturn = false
   end if
   IsValid = bReturn
end function
private sub SendEmail()
   Dim objCDOMessage
   Set objCDOMessage = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
   ' creates the object
   objCDOMessage.From = ""    
   objCDOMessage.To = "" ' the address listed as "To"
   ' you could include bcc and cc recipients as well
   objCDOMessage.Subject = Request("Subject")    
   objCDOMessage.Body = "From mailto:" & Request("From") & vbCrLf &vbCrLf & Request("Body")
   'now send the message
   m_strSuccess = "Message Sent"
   'wrap things up
   Set objCDOMessage = Nothing

end sub


Re: CDO Contact Me

Apparenty Microsoft don't supply CDONTS with Windows 2003 Server. Their recomendation is to upgrade applications using it to use CDOSYS or .Net's "System.Web.Mail" namespace.

See Microsoft Knoledge Base article 315197 for more info.;en-us;315197

Comment from Martin G. Brown at Friday, 17 June 2005 02:16PM (GMT+00)

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