My life in a nutshell?

I was born. I went to school, didn't like it much. As soon as I could, I left, and went to college. Nescot standing for North East Surrey College of Technology, but the abbreviated version is better.

Next, there was a small firm called Sophco. I helped to wean them off their addiction for COBOL. This was a great crew all four of them, however I had world domination plans at the time and left to join a bigger company.

This led me to MAI ltd. Why oh why did I ever agree to work there. They did oh so tedious oil field mining risk analyses tools. Did I leave or was I kicked out, I don't remember, but leaving was one of the best things I did. Since I left MAI got swallowed by IHS Energy

In rather a hurry, I was loosing money, I found Parity where I have been ever since (4.5 years). Even though I moan about it a lot, I actually rather like working there. I feel it fits my character so to speak.

It was at Parity that I turned from being someone that knew the theory to someone that can do it in practice. It is some of this experience that I intend to depart in this Blog.


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