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Martin, your career personality type is ESTP

I just took a career personality test at They had the following to say about me:

Martin, your career personality type is ESTP

That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, at work, you're the one that people come to when a crisis is at hand. Your unflappable demeanor in the face of even the most unanticipated situations makes you the kind of employee all organisations value highly. You thrive under pressure and seek situations involving unpredictability and quick thinking. You prefer to leave the planning to others so you can grab an assignment and run with it. This does not mean that you are incapable of deep thinking; it's just that you use your mental strength and apply it to practical solutions.

You take pride in your work and like tangible results. In other words, you like to see, touch, and feel what you create and how that work affects others. Your drive comes from within and once a task is accomplished, you're not looking back-you are on to the next sensation.

I wonder if anyone that knows me would agree? You can take the test yourself at .


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