My Regular Expression Editor "RegEx Editor 1.0" Released

Have you ever wanted to develop a complex regular expression and test it? Is Visual Studio's Search and Replace dialog just not cutting it? Well RegEx Editor might just be the answer.

It is a simple concept, enter some text to test on, a regular expression and a replace string then use the IsMatch, Matches or the Replace button. RegEx Editor includes full support for Groups and Replace Strings. The Regular Expression's match results are displayed in a neat grid with single click sorting.

Download it now from my Downloads page.


Re: My Regular Expression Editor "RegEx Editor 1.0" Released

This is for the person that ended up here by serching for "How to represent slashes in Regular Expressions" in Google.

The slash \ character in a regular expression is used for escaping special characters . $ ^ { [ ( | ) * + ? \ so that they no longer have their special meanng.

So to match full stops . you need to enter \.

To match slashes you need to use two, so \\ matches \

To make things just a little harder C based languages (C, C++, C#, Java etc) also use a slash to escape special characters. So if you are using one of these languages to store your RegEx as a string constant you need to double the slashes again.

So in C, to match a \ you need to use a regular expression string constant that looks like this "\\\\".

Comment from Martin Brown at Thursday, 14 July 2005 01:52PM (GMT+00)

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