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How To Extract Hotmail Contacts virtually Free

As a travelling contractor, I have used Hotmail for a number of years. In that time I have built up the details of a number of Contacts in Hotmail. It has often bothered me that there is a way to import contacts, but no way of getting the contacts out in any useful format. For example, I often need to do a mail shot and hand coding all my Contact's details just seems unnecessary. Today, however, I discovered that there is a way.

What you do is upgrade your account to Hotmail Plus. Then using Outlook Express you can export your Hotmail Contacts into a CSV file. Once done you simply cancel your Hotmail Plus account again claiming you didn't like it and claim a refund. But be warned, you only have a limited time to cancel. Also for a period of 30 days you Hotmail box will shrink in size to 25Mb.

The thing I found slightly less than obvious is how you get Outlook Express to Export your Contacts from Hotmail. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Outlook Express
  2. Ensure that you are connected to Hotmail.
  3. Select the Tools/Address Book menu item.
  4. In the Address book that appears, select the Tools/Synchronise Now menu item. This gets all of your Hotmail Contacts to Outlook Express' Address book.
  5. Finally select the File/Export/Other Address book menu item. This allows you to save you Hotmail Contacts as a CSV file that can be imported into just about anything.



Now Microsoft have updated to Hotmail Live you can export your contacts simply by selecting the export contacts option. No need to bugger about with upgrading and then cancelling.

Comment from Martin Brown at Thursday, 10 May 2007 11:38AM (GMT+00)

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