C# equivalent of VB’s Left function

It really bugs me that C# does not have an equivalent of VB’s Left function. I know I could be using text.Substring(0,length) but this has the rather annoying feature of throwing an exception if the string is shorter than the length parameter. In 99.999999% of cases what I actually want it to do is return as much as it can instead.

Anyway here is my equivalent:

public static string Left(string text, int length)
    if (length< 0)
        throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("length", length, "length must be > 0");
    else if (length == 0 || text.Length == 0)
        return "";
    else if (text.Length <= length)
        return text;
        return text.Substring(0, length);


Re: C# equivalent of VB’s Left function

This is simple, 3 lines of code:

int iMyLen = 5 //Or whatever length you want...

string sMyString;

sMyString = sMyString.Substring(0,iMyLen);

Happy Lefting!

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Re: C# equivalent of VB’s Left function


You seem to have missed the wole point of the post? Substring throws an exception if the string's length is less than that passed as a parameter! So the following code throws an exception:

int iMyLen = 5; //Or whatever length you want...

string sMySourceString = &quot;0123&quot;;

string sMyString;

sMyString = sMySourceString.Substring(0,iMyLen);

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Re: C# equivalent of VB’s Left function

I am going mad... maybe if so then please delete this ... and call me a crazy foo ..

but I thought left meant start from some point in the string you want to go left from (not right) why are you starting from 0 ... this is not left ... this is substring

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