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Cannot dump domain hosting settings when backing up Plesk

I have been working with Parallels Plesk 9.0 control panel software to enable one of my customers to administer their web server more effectively. As part of this I set up the Plesk backup to run every night. At the end of each backup Plesk sends an email giving the status of the backup. This status email was giving the status as "Task status is: warnings". This email also has a "migration.result" file attached which gives a bit more detail in XML format. Against each of the domains on the server there was this entry:

<message code="InformationalException" severity="error">Cannot dump domain hosting settings</message>

After Googleing and searching the Parallels web site and not finding anything much I decided to contact Parallels support. It turns out that this is caused by an issue with the way Plesk interfaces with SmarterStats. If you are experiencing the same issue there is a hot fix at and this will be included in a future Plesk patch.


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